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If you've been wanting to learn, but you tell yourself things like...

"I have the worst handwriting... I could never do calligraphy"

"I have no idea what tools to get... it's overwhelming"

"I don't have enough time to learn a new skill"

"I don't wanna waste money on something I might not be good at"

... then you've found your solution.

is a free course that will take you step-by-step through the basics of calligraphy...


... no experience necessary!

Instant access to a full online course portal

44+ page traceable workbook with bite-sized, 20-minute daily practice

A 17-page guide to calligraphy supplies

20+ easy to digest instructional videos

Access to a Facebook community to share your work, get help, and connect with other beginners

... and so much more.

You'll get:

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 I would tell anyone who is on the fence to just do it. The workbooks and videos are so comprehensive! I bought a ton of practice worksheets and books before this course and wish I hadn't blown that money because nothing has truly compared to what is provided in SMYD."

— Regina Exon

“Learning calligraphy this way has been SO fun.

When I decided I wanted to learn calligraphy in 2015, it was really tough to find a basic calligraphy course that didn't require a huge money and time commitment. I wanted something easy– no fluff, just tell me what I need to do, and let me see if I like it before spending tons of money on it.

... so that's what I've created here for you. For free.

I’m here to teach you everything I know! But beware… if puns & Dad jokes aren’t your thing, you might wanna turn away right now 😅…

Find me at: @thehappyevercrafter

Hey, I'm Becca

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I took a very expensive online calligraphy class with a different instructor and while I learned a lot, I found the way Becca taught things much more helpful and easy to understand. SMYD helped me figure out the things I was struggling with."

— colleen kelly

“I wish I would have found SMYD sooner!

... to do the lettering the correct way, and in such a great format. I would have never gotten this far (and probably would have moved onto other things) if it weren’t for this course!"

— Lori Foster

“This course provided all the knowledge I needed...

...until I heard about the ShowMeYourDrills course. I have seen a dramatic improvement in my lettering. This course restored my confidence in myself that "I CAN DO IT". I thank you from the depth of my heart for giving me my confidence back!"

— Moitree Rahman

“I picked up a brush pen two years ago but then gave up...

Definitely do it! You end up getting much more than you "paid for" with emailed prompts, videos, jokes, and encouragement from your teachers and fellow students."

— Carrie-Ann Kloda

"This course is really intelligently designed!

 and I've made so much more progress with them than I ever expected! Previous attempts at calligraphy were nowhere near as successful or enjoyable!!"

— Alexa Bisson

“The course workbooks have been fantastic...

What is ShowMeYourDrills?

ShowMeYourDrills is a completely free 4-week basic strokes calligraphy course taught by yours truly. 🙂 You'll get supplies guides, downloadable workbooks, step-by-step videos, and daily assignments. You’ll learn the foundations of calligraphy, so you can move on to learning how to write letters and eventually words! 


How does it work?

The entire course is accessible through an online portal that you can access via desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

At the start of the course, I’ll share the supplies you need to get started with the calligraphy basics. Each day, I’ll assign a new “basic stroke” for you to learn and practice and provide an instructional video. You can complete the work on your own time at your own pace.

If you’d like feedback, you can post your work in the comments, our private Facebook group, or on Instagram (this is optional).

What supplies do I need for SMYD?

Inside your course portal, you’ll find a guide with the exact materials you need. All you need is ONE pen, and some paper! I'll explain exactly what you need, as well as different options that may be easier to find.

I signed up, but I’m not getting emails. What do I do?

If you don’t see emails from me in your inbox about the course, check your junk, spam, and promotions folders. Also, do a search of “all inboxes” for “Becca Courtice”. That should turn up any emails. If all else fails, there might be a real issue causing you to not get my emails! Feel free to email [email protected] to sort it out!

Do I have to have social media to participate?

Nope! Social media is completely optional. Posting in the Facebook groups or on Instagram is an opportunity to share your work and to receive feedback from others, but you’re also able to post to the comments inside the learning portal.

What time is the course? Are the lessons live?

If I’ve taken part in a past semester,
do I have to sign up again?

No, the lessons are not live. Throughout the first week of the course, new video tutorials will be posted at 7:00 AM ET daily. The lessons are recorded, so you can watch them and complete the drills whenever works best for you.

Yes! You’ll need to sign up again so that you’re enrolled in the most recent semester. Otherwise, you won’t get the current semester’s emails!

What happens at the end of the Show Me Your Drills challenge?

Once the drills challenge ends, there will be more advanced workbooks/courses available
for purchase:

Minuscule (lowercase) letters
Majuscule (uppercase) letters
Numbers & Symbols
Bouncing & Stylizing

These advanced tutorials are 100% optional and you are not required to purchase them.

We will work through these advanced courses together as a group for anyone who purchases them. If you choose to complete all of the advanced courses, the semester will last about six months total.

I missed the live semester, can I still join? What can I do in the meantime before SMYD begins?

We're working to update SMYD to be a self-paced program, so there are currently no plans for another live semester. You can sign up here to be notified when that is ready.

While you wait, there are many free tutorials and resources on my YouTube channel.

Is it really free?

Yes! ShowMeYourDrills is completely free. If you are looking to learn the building blocks of calligraphy, this is exactly what you've been looking for.

Once we finish the basics, there are options for more advanced (paid) courses, as well!

How do I access the course?

The entire course is accessed via Teachable. All of the supplies information, workbooks, tutorial videos, etc. will be available in your Teachable account once the course begins. You will get login info when you register.

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